Why not us?

This is crazy, but I'm actually confident.  Get ready for a sick season- because that is only the least of it. “like being part of a real team.”  -Robin Lehner Travis Williams is reportedly leaving his post as chief operating officer of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and will take a higher position with the New York Islanders.  Isles celebrate... Continue Reading →

The Islander’s Secret Weapon

The Islanders roster doesn't look impressive.  At all.  We're led by a rookie, and our defense is atrocious.  However, the Islanders got something up their sleeve to lead them to the playoffs. After a wonderful 4-0 win, Islanders fans everywhere are pumped for the upcoming season.  Unfortunately, the next game is Saturday!  Even worse, it's... Continue Reading →

Why Anders Lee is Captain

If you found the news of our new captain surprising, your missing some background information. Anders Lee has a foundation called Kancer Jam where he plays Kan-Jam (frisbee game) with fans and other Islander players. The money raised goes to curing cancer. This wonderful gesture definitely helped in his campaign to captaincy. Also, Anders Lee... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Messages of the 3rd Jersey

The new Islanders 3rd jerseys break the curse of terrible alternate jerseys (Black ones...). They stuck with NY patch as the main crest in front, and no shoulder patches. The jersey is fairly simple, consisting of no texture, gradient, or innovative designs. Although simple, I really like these new jerseys. On the jersey, there are... Continue Reading →

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