By Jack Cohen

Tomorrow night, the islanders are going to be put to the task. The islanders, coming off a massive win against the Rangers, gives us a good momentum boost. The islanders will be going to Pittsburg to play the Penguins. The penguins recently clinched a playoff game, so this game wouldn’t mean much to them. But for the islanders, they are in a big fight for the final spot. The penguins have a usual line up with Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel. As for the islanders, Ryan Strome is out for the rest of the season. If the islanders win this, they would be tied in the final playoff spot with the bruins. If the penguins win this, well nothing major happens. This game is going to be a very fast criticle game. Let’s hope for the best. Also, look out for Halak. If you wanna know more about his call-up, check out the link below.

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