The Barclays Center is a beautiful venue.  We can all agree on that.  For hockey- ehhh, not so much.  about-1170x450-d9c047de75.jpg

Whats Gone Wrong at Barclays

  • Long Commute
  • Obstructed Seats
  • Uncentered Scoreboard
  • Awful Ice (Plastic tubes rather then metal)
  • NO blue and orange


Notice the Scoreboard and how it is over the blue-line


Much like the Blackhawks in the first 2 games of the Playoffs- there is no goal.  BHawksFP.png

On the other hand, lets look at Belmont.


  • Short Commute (Similar the Nassau Coliseum)
  • Islanders will build it so it will be PERFECT for hockey
  • Good ice
  • There will be plenty Blue and Orange


Here’s what it can possibly look like


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