Every article on the website starts off with “Obviously, this season isn’t going so great”. No sh*t Sherlock. I don’t need to tell you that the Islanders are playing bad. If you have the brain capacity of a goldfish you would know that.

I want to talk about why the Islanders are doing bad. First off, injury. Calvin de Haan is injured, Mayfield is injured, and Prince is injured. And that’s just as of now. Boychuk and Cizikas were also injured recently. This hurts the team chemistry very badly. How do we solve this? No clue. There’s no formula to prevent injuries, they just happen. However, injuries are NOT an excuse. The Vegas Golden Knights were on their fourth string goalie at one point, and never mind it was their inaugural season, they were still amazing!

The second problem with the Islanders is their defense. Even with the full roster, the Islanders almost always get outshot. Leddy is probably our best defender, and he shouldn’t have to play with players like Mayfield and Pelech. They constantly give away the puck.

So, what are the chances of the Islanders making the playoffs? According to Sports Club Stats the Islanders have a 27.9% chance of making the playoffs. Not too great.

Last year, when the Isles were near the end of the season, they won. Constantly. They did everything they had to in order to make the playoffs. And they need to do that again. Starting with tonight’s game against the Blue Jackets. Win.

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