We sat in a very similar position last year, when the Islanders missed the playoffs by a dreadful one point.  The Islanders are currently on a losing streak, which is exactly what we can’t have right now.  The Flyers had a nice winning streak and boom! They’re sitting in first place of the Metropolitan Division.  John Tavares is on a slump, but players like Barzal and Eberle are really stepping up.

The Islanders acquired Brandon Davidson and Chris Wagner yesterday, but I doubt they can alter the team’s season.  On the other hand, maybe they can change the season.  Since the Isles missed the playoffs by only 1 point last year, it is possible 1 goal could of put them in the playoffs.  Maybe Brandon Davidson or Chris Wagner will score that one goal.  I was hoping the Islanders would acquire Robin Lehner, but since that didn’t happen Halak will be playing pretty much every game up until the end of the regular season.

The Islanders need to get out of this position of “Playoffs Push” and STAY in a playoffs spot.  WE NEED TO WIN!!  We can’t let up late goals, we can’t allow goals, and since our defense is absolutely terrible, we need to score a ton of goals too!

Now is the time for the Islanders to start winning.  Start tomorrow against the Habs.

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