Chances are, when your phone buzzed saying that the Islander acquired Chris Wagner and Brandon Davidson, you went straight to Google to figure out who these guys were.  Based off of what we know now (before any games), I believe the Islanders won both of their trades.

The Islanders needed to add some defensive depth.  I’m not sure if Brandon Davidson was the best option out there, but he is definitely worth a 3rd round pick.  I don’t care how many goals he scores or even how he plays, Brandon Davidson was added to this team as another option.  He might play as little as Seidenberg, or he might play good and replace Aho.  We don’t know yet, but no matter what, it is worth a 3rd round pick.

Chris Wagner is a different story.  We can’t compare him to a useless draft pick, we have to compare him to a player.  Jason Chimera is that player, and I’m not going to lie, I believe Jason put up some stellar games for the Islanders.  Not this year though, as he was constantly struggled.  Chris Wagner is a fighter, younger, and hard-hitting.  I believe that both teams won this trade.  I don’t think Chimera is at the end of his career, I think he needed a fresh start.  Maybe he will play good for the Anaheim Ducks, who knows?  Honestly, I hope he does because he has proved that he is a good player when he is in his prime.

Who do you believe won these trades?

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