The Future of the Islanders Franchise

Everyone knows that John Tavares’ contract is up after this season.  The big question is whether or not he’ll sign.  People are being so dramatic they thought him getting a new haircut is a sign of him changing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.18.07 PM.png

He’s said before that he wants to stay on Long Island, but I think he wants a Stanley Cup more.

There are obviously two outcomes of this situation.  Either he stays with the team or abandons it to join a team such as the Maple Leafs.  Below we look at the factors of his decision.

  • Location: he’s said he likes Long Island, but he might want to be close to his family in Canada
  • Arena: He obviously hates taking the train to Barclays Center, good thing the Isles got Belmont.
  • Standings: If the Isles continue to lose, why would he want to stay?
  • Teammates: I think John Tavares wants to have line-mates who can help him out as well

Price was not included on purpose.  The Islanders can pay him whatever he wants and so would any team.

Question: If you were John Tavares, would you re-sign with the Islanders?

Write your answers in the comment section!


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