If the Islanders want to make the playoffs, this is what needs to happen.

First of all, the Islanders need to win every single game remaining in the season.  Unfortunately, that is the only thing that is in our control.  On top of the Islanders winning every game, the Devils also have to lose every game!  Is it possible? Yes. Will it happen? No.

Here are the remaining games for both the Islanders and Devils:

  • Isles vs. Panthers
  • Isles at Senators
  • Isles vs. Maple Leafs
  • Isles at Devils
  • Isles vs. Flyers
  • Isles vs. Rangers
  • Isles at Red Wings


  • Devils vs. Hurricanes
  • Devils vs. Penguins
  • Devils vs. Islanders
  • Devils at Canadiens
  • Devils vs. Rangers
  • Devils vs. Maple Leafs
  • Devils at Capitals

Yikes.  Dahlin here we come, hopefully.



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