The Isles are in a tough situation right now: their captain John Tavares will be a free agent soon if he doesn’t sign a contract.

What does this mean for the islanders? Well, first of all, a huge loss for the team and the fans. Who knows what will happen without his leadership? We all know Barzal has very high potential on this team, but could he have the ability to lead this team at such a young age? We all know McDavid could do it, but he was in the NHL for almost a year or two longer than Barzy. Who knows what Barzal will do this season. He may be insanely good or he may have a downright plunge. Obviously, he’s most likely to be even better than last season. Honestly, if JT doesn’t resign, I’m going to be speechless. Whatever team he may or may not sign with, is gonna offer a hell lotta money for him. Without him, the islanders may not be the same. So, Tavares Please Sign!!! Don’t leave! Period.

Written by @world_of_nhl on Instagram.

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