Nobody can say they are happy with John Tavares’ departure.  However, we need to be honest with ourselves.

Even with John Tavares we only won a single playoffs series, I mean, we didn’t go anywhere.  Is this Tavares’ fault? Not likely.  This is most likely our pathetic management’s fault.  Once we fired the atrocity we called a General Manger and got a Stanley-Cup winning coach, there was certain hope.  But on July 1st, when Tavares left, all hope was gone.

That was until today.  No, nothing happened.  No, we didn’t get Erik Karlson.  In fact, nothing big happened since July 1st.  What happened today was a realization.  I realized that under this management, a full rebuild, even without Tavares, would be a good thing.  Think about the Golden Knights.  Their best player was William Karlsson with 78 points.  Our best player was Barzal with 85 points! Yeah, they had an amazing goalie, but I’m positive Robin Lehner will have a great year.  Also, it has been reported that it’s likely this is Greiss’ comeback year.

Our team will be led by Mat Barzal, and I believe we have a chance at success.

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