The Islanders roster doesn’t look impressive.  At all.  We’re led by a rookie, and our defense is atrocious.  However, the Islanders got something up their sleeve to lead them to the playoffs.

After a wonderful 4-0 win, Islanders fans everywhere are pumped for the upcoming season.  Unfortunately, the next game is Saturday!  Even worse, it’s against the Nashville Predators, in Nashville.  That game is the start of a challenging west-coast road trip.

What’s giving Islanders hope is their management.  After all, we pretty much have the best coach in the league.  Also, our GM is competent- which is a huge improvement.  Although we lost our “all-star” center, I’d say we improved (in the long term).  This team is playing with passion.  Passion is our secret weapon.  This team wants to win and they want to PROVE PEOPLE WRONG.

Ryan Pulock removing Logan Couture from the puck














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