Last season the Islanders allowed a horrific 296 goals against them. That is roughly 3.61 goals per game! At this point in the season, the Islanders allow roughly allow 2.87 goals per game (92 GA/32 GP). It is clear the Trotz and associate coach Lane Lambert has prioritized defense.

The biggest flaw is offense. Mat Barzal, who brought the heat against the Red Wings, isn’t consistent enough. However, there is no place for blame. In only his 2nd season, we’re asking too much for him to be a 1st line center. Trotz has realized this and placed him on the second line, and consequently gave Nelson the role of centering the 1st line.

To be fair, Nelson has done a nice job filling this position. But, with our luck:

Brock Nelson gets hit hard- and misses the rest of the game

So, what is the Trotz Philosophy? How is it possible that our roster significantly worsened from last season, but we’re in a playoff position approaching Christmas?

The answer is structure. Barry Trotz provides a core to this team, especially defensively. As of 12-18-18, the Islanders have let up the 2nd least goals in the Eastern Conference, right behind the Bruins.

Image result for barry trotz islanders

Is success coming from Trotz, or the ‘Prove People Wrong’ mentality of the players?

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