After almost every Islanders game, Instagram user ‘Bert’ (@the.real.bert96) has been DM’ing me with his very own stat updates. He calls them “Bert Stats Update”, and him and I decided to make it a series here on our website.

Here it is- Bert Stats Update #1!

You may have heard the obvious stats that the Islanders that did something, like the last time like Barzal 5 points and other stuff that happened tonight. Guess what! There were more streaks that were broken tonight as well.

The Last time:

The Islanders won against coach Peter Laviolette was October 28, 2017 as a Predators Head Coach

Barzal scored a goal in mid-air was against the Blackhawks on January 3rd, 2019

Islanders won against Washington at home in the regular season was December 11, 2017

Islanders won against Chara at home was November 2nd, 2013

Non-Islander Update:

The last time Trotz won against Laviolette was March 18, 2016

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