We Need Changes

After 4 straight losses, the second longest losing-streak of the Islanders season, making the playoffs seem near impossible.  Last night's game was a must win-situation and now I just don't see how the Isles can pull it off. Sure, we've seen some crazy comebacks come out of these guys, but I don't know if they... Continue Reading →


The Importance of Rivalry Night

This might be one of the biggest Islander Ranger games in recent times.  Both teams desperately need a win, and when I say desperately I mean it.  The Rangers sit last in the Metropolitan Division, and the Islanders only have one more point then them.  This game is huge. The Islanders won their last 10 out of... Continue Reading →

Remain calm, it’s still February

Every article on the website starts off with "Obviously, this season isn't going so great". No sh*t Sherlock. I don't need to tell you that the Islanders are playing bad. If you have the brain capacity of a goldfish you would know that. I want to talk about why the Islanders are doing bad. First... Continue Reading →

Out of the Cellar: Week 10 Summary

   The Islanders proved this week they are a good hockey team, they may not be in a playoff spot but if they continue the way they played this week they will be closer to a playoff position.  I don’t have a lot of time and will write a big article over christmas break so... Continue Reading →

Signs of Life: Week 9 Summary

  By Joe Bilello  This week was a successful week.  The Islanders went 3-0-1 this week picking up 7 points in that span, currently they are on a 4 game point streak coming into the game vs the Rangers.  The Islanders had 2 huge wins beating pittsburgh the reigning stanley cup champions and reigning presidents... Continue Reading →

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