Life Without Tavares: A Long Term Improvement

Nobody can say they are happy with John Tavares' departure.  However, we need to be honest with ourselves. Even with John Tavares we only won a single playoffs series, I mean, we didn't go anywhere.  Is this Tavares' fault? Not likely.  This is most likely our pathetic management's fault.  Once we fired the atrocity we... Continue Reading →


Mat Barzal is a Calder Finalist

In his rookie season, Mat Barzal led the team with 85 points.  He also recorded 22 goals and 63 assists.  Yes, he led the team in assists as well. His opponents are Brock Boeser and Clayton Keller. Boeser has 55 points, 29 goals, and 47 assists. Keller had 65 points, 23 goals, and 42 assists.   I'll leave it to you to decide.  However, Barzal is... Continue Reading →

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