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“New” Team, New Chances

After a mediocre Trade Deadline (Islanders acquired Brandon Davidson and Chris Wagner), the Islanders are ready to make a final playoffs push.  Tonight the Islanders face the Canadiens in a home-to-home series.  Tonight’s game is in Montreal and on Friday the game is in Brooklyn.  Both games are a necessary win.

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Gameday: Avalanche at Islanders

Tonight at 6:00 the Islanders look to rebound off of a 3-0 loss in Ottawa.  This would be an awful part of the season for the Islanders to slip into a losing streak, considering how close we are to a Wild Card Spot.  Lineup news will come closer to game time.  A pair of points would be very helpful tonight.

Islanders Vs. Red Wings; Where it can Take Us

Below are the bottom standings in the Eastern Conference.  The Islanders are ranked last with 22 points.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 12.16.58 PM.png

If we win tonight’s game, we will have 24 points, putting us above the Sabres and Hurricanes.  The Sabres are not playing today, and the Canes are playing the Lightning.  Carolina is likely to lose.  If we continue our winning streak and beat Detroit, we move up to 14th place.  Although it is not good, it’s a huge improvement.

Personally, today’s game can be a turning point is the Islanders season.

Islanders Vs. Panthers

The Islanders has clearly had a very bad start to the season.  The Panthers has had a bad start too.  The last time the two teams faced off was when John Tavares clinched the first round of the playoffs for the first time in 23 years.  The Islanders need to regain confidence and their winning ways, and tonight is a good day to start.  Read more about tonight’s game in the Recap page.