Analyzing the Necessity of Ho-Sang through Advanced Statistics

Through websites like The Hockey Reference problems are revealed that you wouldn't recognize from the TV. Some things we've uncovered are strange too, such as the fact that our goalies play best when the fourth line is out.  Some things are surprising, like Mat Barzal leads the team in takeaways AND giveaways.  Defensive flaws are shown... Continue Reading →


Who will be Captain if JT leaves?

The Isles are in a tough situation right now: their captain John Tavares will be a free agent soon if he doesn’t sign a contract. What does this mean for the islanders? Well, first of all, a huge loss for the team and the fans. Who knows what will happen without his leadership? We all... Continue Reading →

Final: Isles 4, Pens 1

What a game! That was the first 60-minute game we've seen in a while.  Chris Gibson played excellent once again.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gibson has a starting role next season.  The question is what to do with Greiss when he comes back from injury.  We can't send Gibson back down, and... Continue Reading →

Why was JT playing left wing?

There is no straight answer to that question.  Really, only Doug Weight knows.  There are rumors that he did it to spark something, which makes the most sense.  Another rumor was to see how the Islanders would play without John Tavares at center (just in case he doesn't resign). Hopefully that wasn't the reason, but... Continue Reading →

We Need Changes

After 4 straight losses, the second longest losing-streak of the Islanders season, making the playoffs seem near impossible.  Last night's game was a must win-situation and now I just don't see how the Isles can pull it off. Sure, we've seen some crazy comebacks come out of these guys, but I don't know if they... Continue Reading →

“New” Team, New Chances

After a mediocre Trade Deadline (Islanders acquired Brandon Davidson and Chris Wagner), the Islanders are ready to make a final playoffs push.  Tonight the Islanders face the Canadiens in a home-to-home series.  Tonight's game is in Montreal and on Friday the game is in Brooklyn.  Both games are a necessary win. Suggested: Playoffs Push… Again

Playoffs Push… Again

We sat in a very similar position last year, when the Islanders missed the playoffs by a dreadful one point.  The Islanders are currently on a losing streak, which is exactly what we can't have right now.  The Flyers had a nice winning streak and boom! They're sitting in first place of the Metropolitan Division.  John... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Rivalry Night

This might be one of the biggest Islander Ranger games in recent times.  Both teams desperately need a win, and when I say desperately I mean it.  The Rangers sit last in the Metropolitan Division, and the Islanders only have one more point then them.  This game is huge. The Islanders won their last 10 out of... Continue Reading →

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