Why not us?

This is crazy, but I'm actually confident.  Get ready for a sick season- because that is only the least of it. “like being part of a real team.”  -Robin Lehner Travis Williams is reportedly leaving his post as chief operating officer of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and will take a higher position with the New York Islanders.  Isles celebrate … Continue reading Why not us?

The Islanders’ Secret Weapon

The Islanders roster doesn't look impressive.  At all.  We're led by a rookie, and our defense is atrocious.  However, the Islanders got something up their sleeve to lead them to the playoffs. After a wonderful 4-0 win, Islanders fans everywhere are pumped for the upcoming season.  Unfortunately, the next game is Saturday!  Even worse, it's … Continue reading The Islanders’ Secret Weapon

Final: Islanders 3, Flyers 1

YES! YES!YES! The Islanders win 3-1 over the flyers. The flyers score first, quickly followed up by a power play goal by Anders Lee. In the second, chimera scores giving the isles a 2-1 lead into the third. Casey Cizakes nets a beauty giving the Islanders a 3-1 lead and the win.