Offseason Agenda

There are many things General Manager Garth Snow needs to do this off season.  This break is perhaps the most important off season in the Islander's recent history.  The big thing that should be constantly on Snow's mind is re-signing John Tavares. There is also Jaroslav Halak, who probably will not be resigned.  The long... Continue Reading →

Draft Lottery Summary

The Islanders suck, but don't suck enough to get better.  After the 2018 Draft Lottery, the Islanders will select 11th and 12th in the draft.  The first round pick will go to the Sabres. Hopefully the Islanders select another Mat Barzal, who went 16th overall.

Mat Barzal is a Calder Finalist

In his rookie season, Mat Barzal led the team with 85 points.  He also recorded 22 goals and 63 assists.  Yes, he led the team in assists as well. His opponents are Brock Boeser and Clayton Keller. Boeser has 55 points, 29 goals, and 47 assists. Keller had 65 points, 23 goals, and 42 assists.   I'll leave it to you to decide.  However, Barzal is... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Pickups: Fantasy

So, in most fantasy leagues at this point, teams are competing in the playoffs. If you’re looking for some last minute point getters, you’re in luck. Christopher Gibson has been a brick wall for the Isles. If you’re looking for a last minute backup tendy, he’s the perfect pickup right now. With a save percentage... Continue Reading →

Final: Isles 4, Pens 1

What a game! That was the first 60-minute game we've seen in a while.  Chris Gibson played excellent once again.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gibson has a starting role next season.  The question is what to do with Greiss when he comes back from injury.  We can't send Gibson back down, and... Continue Reading →

The Future of the Islanders Franchise

Everyone knows that John Tavares' contract is up after this season.  The big question is whether or not he'll sign.  People are being so dramatic they thought him getting a new haircut is a sign of him changing. He's said before that he wants to stay on Long Island, but I think he wants a... Continue Reading →

Why was JT playing left wing?

There is no straight answer to that question.  Really, only Doug Weight knows.  There are rumors that he did it to spark something, which makes the most sense.  Another rumor was to see how the Islanders would play without John Tavares at center (just in case he doesn't resign). Hopefully that wasn't the reason, but... Continue Reading →

We Need Changes

After 4 straight losses, the second longest losing-streak of the Islanders season, making the playoffs seem near impossible.  Last night's game was a must win-situation and now I just don't see how the Isles can pull it off. Sure, we've seen some crazy comebacks come out of these guys, but I don't know if they... Continue Reading →

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